BMI Discusses Ezra 5.1

Posted on Aug 22, 2013

Performing Rights Society, BMI, featured the new Better Than Ezra 5.1 release within their '10 Questions with Kevin Griffin' feature. For those not familiar with Kevin's work outside Better Than Ezra, he's amassed quite a collection of hit songs outside of Ezra in the Pop and Country genre's as a songwriter and producer for other artists.

BMI writer,Ted Drozdowski, had this to say about the 5.1 release of 'How Does Your Garden Grow'

The disc is, indeed, a shimmering sonic showcase for the group’s most daring release, creating a 360-degree panorama of soaring strings, carefully interwoven guitars and keyboards, and savvy elements of electronics — which were all squashed by the compression-heavy mastering prevalent during the era of its original issue. Now, trippy, spellbinding and energizing are all fair adjectives. ~ Ted Drozdowski